Gaby a Doggy Angel 

03/02/1996 – 01/07/2013

Gaby a red sable female miniature dachshund, registered at the American Kennel Club, from Mary & Butch Huebing was born on March 2nd, 1996, according to her birth certificate. She was raised in Melbourne Florida with Pat, Mark, Chiqui (Raquel Milagros) and her cousin Rico Suave, a black mini dachshund.  

They used to play together, and their favorite place was the kitchen where they would eat any little piece of food that they could find, it was like having two small cordless vacuum cleaners.  Together they ate a loaf of bread that they pull of  the living room table.

Gaby in Red during annual event for Dachshund Breed
OCEAN DRIVE & 10th Street
Since the day I met Gaby  there was love!  I felt she liked me and I liked her too.  I  had never slept with a pet in my bed before I met Gaby, she has been my best friend  in the last 10 years, and used to hang out with me on Ocean Drive Miami Beach.

Daily Walk in Miami Beach

After four years of being with Rico, Gaby moved to Miami Beach, she visited her cousin Rico until he died. Gaby  made new friends in her new home where she walked twice a day. 

2005 Retired in Miami Beach
Gaby taught me that dogs have their own personality, and she had hers, although she was a sweetheart, she was also demanding. She didn’t reply to some of the commands; playing like she didn’t heard what I said. Gaby was a little stubborn,  I’m wondering if she got that from me; she was also smart, once she moved to Miami Beach, she learned Spanish, at least she responded to it and had no problem with eating white rice. 

Dr. David W. Wise

Gaby ment to me the world, she was a friend to whom I used to talked to, she always listened, never put me down, never told anyone what I said, never got upset at me and it is different now for me since she is gone. She started getting sick more often after she turned 13,  but thanks to Dr. David W. Wise and staff from Knowles Animal Clinics, Miami’s network of  veterinary Centers, we have had Gaby with  quality life until she reached  the age of 16 1/2.

Gaby Age 13 @ Miami Beach Terrace

It was hard for all of us to let go of the greatest love of all, now she is at peace, pain free and running all over doggy heaven along with her cousin Rico and girlfriend Gigi. May she rest in peace the love of our lives.-

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Published by Ana Elena Sanchez

Ana Elena Sanchez, has worked as a full time journalist and on air talent for over 20 years at WSUA 1260 AM Radio Caracol Miami, La Nacion Newspaper in Washington, DC, and TVN Canal 2 in the Republic of Panama. After leaving full time news coverage, she began freelance consulting forming Anesa Integrated Marketing, offering a variety of in the public relations field. She has worked for the Government of the Republic of Panama and the City of Newark, New Jersey, as well as private corporations such as Ron Abuelo, Delta Airlines, World Trade Center Panama and in the entertainment industry, Sanchez has coordinated media tour to target the fast growing US Latino Market working for record labels, Grammy Award ™ artists and Hispanic Celebrities such as, Edgardo Franco a.k.a. EL GENERAL, father of Reggae Music en ESPANOL, and the cast of Tierra de Pasiones (Land of Passions), a Spanish-language telenovela aired on prime time and produced by Telemundo, whose parent company is NBC Universal. In addition, she has worked with art galleries, real estate companies, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, conferences, and outdoor events such as "Festival Calle 8 Miami", and "New York Puerto Rican Parade". She is a contributor to El Nuevo Herald, a McClatchy Newspaper, Diario La Prensa, Alma Vision Miami 87.7 Fm, Mi Voz Stereo y el Tren de la Salsa.

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